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Know Before You Go

WheelChariot will be the go-to mobile app and website for users to rate and review locations based on accessibility and accommodations for the entire spectrum of disabilities

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What is WheelChariot?

WheelChariot is the "know before you go platform" to create a more accessible world by allowing users to rate and review businesses based on their accommodations, bridging the gap between ADA regulations and true accessibility. We're a review platform tailored specifically for the disability community so that your important notes on handicap parking or overstimulation aren't lost in a sea of notes on wait times and bad food. Our platform is community built and driven, with feedback taken at every step of the process. Our goal is that our community builds WheelChariot just as much as we do.

Find local businesses

With WheelChariot, you'll be able to scan an interactive map to find the businesses closest to you, from restaurants to retail to doctors' offices.

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Share your experience

Was there enough handicap parking? Was the wheelchair ramp laughably steep? Did the barista yell at you after explaining you were hard of hearing? Tell others about your experience.

See what others are saying

Know before you go. You'll be able to view a quick star rating, a breakdown of specific features, and reviews from other users.

What Are Our Next Steps?

We're looking for partners to work with and get feedback on this concept as we begin to build out the WheelChariot platform. If you or someone you know works within the disability community or with an organization that promotes accessibility, please contact us!

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Who We Are

Meet our team working to bring WheelChariot to life.

Gabriel Jones
Co-Founder & CEO

I'm a senior Business Administration major at Georgia Tech with a passion for telling stories about amazing people.

Tori Stopford

I'm a current senior at Georgia Tech studying Business Marketing and Industrial Design.

Ben Jones

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with over 25 years of experience working on our future infrastructure and design.

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